Spinebill action

There was plenty of action from the Eastern Spinebills in the garden today. At least three individuals are cruising around the local neighbourhood, feeding on Grevillea, Correa and a variety of winter-flowering eucalypts. This species is a real treat as the winter days close in.


Eastern Spinebill, Wyndham Street Newstead, 23rd May 2015.







4 responses to “Spinebill action

  1. we call these little beauties ‘sunday dressers’ because they look like they are in their sunday best. great photo!

  2. ‘s (photo-s) actually I think they look like they are in dinner jackets

  3. lynette Amaterstein

    Yes, we have them coming into the garden several times a day. Love seeing them.

  4. carolbarker2014

    Beautifully acrobatic, they’re having a wonderful time on the correas and erymophilas in my garden, happily just outside the kitchen window!

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