Horsfield’s Bushlark

Horsfield’s Bushlark Mirafra javanica are plains dwellers, seemingly more common locally during the cooler months. Unlike some of their companion species they will often perch to low a close-up view before dropping to the ground where they feed. The stubble of last seasons crops are a favoured feeding place. Superficially like sparrows, they occur in small, loose parties at this time of year. The individual pictured below showed itself off nicely in yesterday’s welcome sunshine.


Horsfield’s Bushlark, Moolort Plains, 17th May 2015.







Click here for some other observations of Horsfield’s Bushlark.

3 responses to “Horsfield’s Bushlark

  1. Gorgeous, thank you

  2. Clodagh M Norwood

    a very dignified little bird despite – or is it because of? – its heritage. Great photos. Thank you as always.

  3. Clodagh M Norwood

    Oh, I was talking about the Eurasian skylark re heritage!

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