Silver and rubies

In our home garden Ruby Saltbush Enchylaena tomentosa is a marvellous plant. It requires no watering, a handy trait as we go into what looks like an extended dry period, and produces masses of scarlet berries during the autumn. The local Silvereyes are well aware of the feast on offer. A small flock has been visiting regularly in recent weeks. I managed to catch them in the act earlier today.


Ruby Saltbush, Newstead, 17th May 2015.


The flock of Silvereyes landed in a nearby Olive before descending to feast of the saltbush berries.











6 responses to “Silver and rubies

  1. You have dainty little Silvereyes, my most frequently seen visitor is a big, Grey Currawong, which picks the berries very elegantly. It is extraordinary to watch this big bird daintily pecking off these small berries while warily watching out for danger. I must take more notice as to what else is partial to them.

  2. Virginia Henry

    Lovely snaps of the silvereyes.


  3. Geoff – so beautiful. I am drooling with delight! Cuttings, please??

  4. Up here in Alice these are important bush tucker, called bush capsicums. Good description for the taste and good to snack on. Tho you you could make a meal of the ones you have!

  5. Helen Schofield

    Lovely story and pretty birds! We plant Enchylaena in nearby Buckley Falls park by the Barwon R in Geelong. We grow the plants from seed.

  6. These have popped up twice recently in my garden, presumably from birds dropping seed. Looking forward to seeing more silvereyes next year!

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