Paddock veterans

A work trip today took me on a broad arc through the Western District and Wimmera – Ararat to Hamilton, then on to Horsham and back home to Newstead. Passing through Dunkeld I was reminded of a wonderful (but somewhat depressing!) article on paddock tree decline by Ian Lunt …

The woodlands of Dunkeld are among the most beautiful in the world. Stately old trees, scattered across grassy paddocks, frame the rugged Grampians Ranges in the distance. In another continent they could be oaks or olives, but in Dunkeld the trees are River Red Gums. Eucalyptus camaldulensis. Century old giants.

The memory of Ian’s thought-provoking analysis prompted me to capture a few images on the way home of some of the beautiful paddock veterans in the Newstead area.


Grey Box on Moolort Plains, with Gough’s Range in the background.


Candlebarks @ Yandoit, 13th May 2015.


Lone Buloke near Moolort, 15th May 2015.


Looking east over the cropping country of the Moolort Plains.

9 responses to “Paddock veterans

  1. Catch them while you can!

  2. Geoff, on your travels did you see the destruction, particularly of River Red Gums, along the duplication of the Western Highway between Beaufort and Ararat? For more on this please go to the Facebook site – WHAM (Western Highway Alternative Mindsets) BTW, the environmental offsets are not being done local to the destruction but at Dunkeld!

    Blessings and bliss Brigid

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    *Acknowledging the First Nations of Australia*

    • Thanks Brigid – I’m certainly aware of what’s happening there. One of the reasons for the route I took was to avoid being confronted with the sight. There must be better ways is all I can say.
      Cheers, geoff

  3. Geoff, there is some good news. On the gardening program on ABC 774 this morning, half the program was given over to the issue. They had a man from Vic Roads on — and the result is there is now going to be a meeting to discuss the community concerns. A big thank you to 774 for mediating this. It has been very difficult to get the message over the Great Divide!!!

  4. David Griffiths

    These trees are on the way out, that’s what you get with monoculture agricultural industrial farming, then they put the set stocking animals in and one by one the trees die.

  5. lynette amaterstein

    The Grey Box looks majestic…. especially in that light. Thanks again for your wonderful pics.

  6. “A willy-willy is a whirlwind. In the Dreamtime, the Willy-Willy’s name was Virra Birron and he used to fly around the country pulling up trees and raising clouds of dust. When he felt tired of travelling he would land and change into a man….”

  7. Such wonderful and important trees. It is very sad to see cultivation so close to the stems and no youngsters to take their place

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