Along Bell’s Lane

Bell’s Lane, just north of the Mia Mia, is a good birding spot that I should visit more often. It is one of the few areas in the Muckleford bush containing White Box Eucalyptus albens. Scarlet Robins and White-throated Treecreepers featured today, amongst the recently fallen timber of a firewood coupe.


Female Scarlet Robin, Bell’s Lane Muckleford State Forest, 9th May 2015.


Male Scarlet Robin.


White-throated Treecreeper, Bell’s Lane Muckleford State Forest, 9th May 2015.


Male White-throated Treecreeper.


Female White-throated Treecreeper – note the ochre neck spot.


Perhaps alarmed by my presence, this individual is displaying its crest.


The elongated hind claw is an adaptation to arboreal life.

3 responses to “Along Bell’s Lane

  1. Just brilliant photography thankyou for you
    sharing with us.

  2. Just beautiful Geoff, thank you Tina

  3. Magnificent photos again, Geoff. Our treecreepers are the loudest birds in the bird baths. They really announce they are having a wash. And lately we’ve seen red-capped robins. We’re just outside Maldon. Is this usual? First time we’ve spotted them. The white-capped robins are here all year and are such show-offs.

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