It’s brown … with streaks

Many Australian bush birds appear to have been designed off the same template. You often hear people describing a bird they’ve seen thus … it’s brown with streaks. Here is some supporting evidence.


Brown Thornbill, Spring Hill Track area, 8th May 2015.


Streaked underparts and that beautiful brick-red iris.


Brown Treecreeper, Mia Mia Track, 8th May 2015.


Striated Thornbill, Spring Hill Track area, 8th May 2015.


Streaked ear-coverts … pity about the cobweb!


Also marked underneath a bit like the Brown Thornbill but different coloured iris. Striated Thornbills are more of a yellow hue, with fine streaking on the crown.

Birds were pretty scarce in the bush this afternoon – in addition to the above I got … Weebill, Grey Fantail, Red-capped Robin (female), Grey Shrike-thrush, White-naped Honeyeater, Eastern Yellow Robin and Peaceful Dove … not a bad selection!

4 responses to “It’s brown … with streaks

  1. Excellent shots, Geoff!

  2. Nice to see the treecreeper – true to his name in this pic!

  3. Great shots of the Thornbills Geoff. How on earth do you capture them? In our garden they stay still for 1-2 seconds

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