Milk-thistle feasting

I’ve been pretty fortunate over recent days with some of the birds that have perched in front of the camera.

This is observation is not quite as spectacular but notable nonetheless. The church yard next door has a small patch of Milk Thistles – not much good for anything you might suspect. Not so if you are a Yellow-rumped Thornbill or Silvereye. A small mixed flock of these birds were attracted to the thistles, apparently consuming the seeds but possibly also insects associated with the seed heads. Another example of native birds exploiting weeds in a transformed landscape.


Silvereyes feeding on Milk Thistles, Newstead, 3rd May 2015.




Yellow-rumped Thornbill.



2 responses to “Milk-thistle feasting

  1. Bernie McRitchie

    The last shot (No II) shows some aphids on the flowerhead. Great tucker for a thornbill.

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