On time as usual!

Pretty much right on schedule, Eastern Spinebills have arrived in the garden to overwinter. Each year, usually about Round 5, they appear to feed on eucalypt blossom and grevilleas. Their beautiful piping calls are always welcome. It’s been a great weekend for cool season migrants.


Eastern Spinebill (adult), Wyndham St Newstead, 3rd May 2015.


This one is a bit early for the Hardenbergia flowers – perhaps in about a month.


The duller hues perhaps indicate a female or a young bird … I’m not certain.


Otherwise known aptly as the Cobbler’s Awl.


The bill splashed with pollen.


A garden ornament.

3 responses to “On time as usual!

  1. What gorgeous personalities you’ve captured here! I hope you can get to the John Wolseley exhibition at the NGV (Fed Square)- a wondrous journey into the wilderness, I am sure you would love it.

  2. Eastern Spinebills arrived here for the Hibbertia fowers on the 2nd of may. judy

  3. Chris Timewell

    Hi Geoff. I’ve been hearing them around Castlemaine for a couple of weeks now, but haven’t managed to sight one yet.
    It took me a few minutes to decipher what ‘usually about Round 5″ meant. Was this a new biological term or timeline? Was it birding jargon that I’d missed out on. Then it hit me – Round 5 in the Footy. This was just as tricky for me as some of your natural puzzles. (Incidentally, the coloration of the Eastern Spinebill does resemble some of Hawthorn’s attempts at a jumper pattern for their Away games.). Cheers, Chris

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