Gang gangs in the sugar gums

Every autumn they head down from the mountains into the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Over the past few years I’ve encountered them near Clydesdale and Yandoit, but never in Newstead itself.

Gang Gang Cockatoos are glorious birds – their predominantly powdery grey plumage set off with crimson on the head of the male and subtle lemon and crimson and pinks on the breast of the female.


Gang Gang Cockatoos (adult pair), Simpson St Newstead, 2nd May 2015.

Thanks to an alert from Colleen and Andrew, I found this family group earlier today – the adults with an immature male, feeding quietly amongst the Sugar Gums on the edge of the Memorial Park, near the Newstead Railway Station. Outside the breeding season they remain fairly quiet – it was the gentle sound of spent gum nuts falling to the ground that disclosed their presence.


The male feeding on Sugar Gum fruits.


Female Gang Gang Cockatoo.


Immature male Gang Gang Cockatoo.

What a wonderful bird to see in Newstead. They are fond of Sugar Gums it seems – last winter I found them near the tennis courts at Yandoit feeding as they were today. They also love the berries of Hawthorn, commonly found between here and Daylesford, especially along creeklines on cleared land.

6 responses to “Gang gangs in the sugar gums

  1. Just amazing. Just keep em coming !

  2. Lucky you. Rosellas eat the little seed inside the hawthorn berry…. I assume gang gangs do the same.

  3. You are extremely spoilt.Beautiful pics.Have to be my most favourite parrot.

  4. comical ! I doubt if there is a more comical Australian bird. Your photos illustrate this admirably. ” Just amazing. Just keep em coming!”

  5. the first image is a stunning shot….these birds are hard to find and harder to shoot…

  6. lynette Amaterstein

    Love their call too Geoff. Like a sqeaky old door. Great pics will go and have a look too.

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