Ducks and more galore at Tullaroop

Just a little further west of Newstead than Cairn Curran, Tullaroop Reservoir is not a regular haunt of mine. Late this afternoon I found time to pay a visit and was well rewarded. A huge raft of Eurasian Coots, close to 1000, was sheltering near the northern wall, together with a large number of Black Swans, perhaps 80 in total. Small groups of Australian Shelducks were arriving back from the plains to join Grey Teal and Black Ducks on the water. It was a great sight.

This pair of Pacific Black Ducks caught my eye as they wheeled overhead.


Pacific Black Ducks, Tullaroop Reservoir, 24th April 2015.


The deep, resonant quack … quack, announced their arrival.


Putting the brakes on!


A beautiful bird is the Pacific Black Duck.

2 responses to “Ducks and more galore at Tullaroop

  1. I love Pacific Blacks. They have the best colour scheme. Nice images to enjoy.

  2. I agree on the appeal of the Pacific Black. Their appearance in different lighting can often provide a real surprise and close-up they are really handsome little fellows!

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