In the heathy dry

Rain – what a nice surprise!

With 14mm over the past few days doing little but settling the dust I was interested to see if there had been any impact in the bush. This spot along Demo Track has an excellent stand of Heathy Dry Forest – it’s a terrific spring wildflower location.


Heathy Dry Forest along Demo Track, 18th April 2015.

Alas, no orchids, but the mosses and lichens have benefited from some moisture.


Which lichen?


Which moss?


Ditto … clearly not my strong suit!

I was surprised by the number of Golden Orb-weavers Nephila edulis – they were the only real sign of animal life.


Golden Orb-weaver with a collection of prey.

4 responses to “In the heathy dry

  1. You need to get out your trusty “Mosses of Dry Forests…”! Bit hard to tell without a closer look.

  2. Lots of Golden Orbs around this year again

  3. As an amateur moss enthusiast – I reckon the lichen is Heterodox mueller, and from this distance the first moss looks like Barbula calycina, and the second looks like Leptodontium paradoxum…at a guess without a good look!

  4. I was going to say B. calycina as well, also as an amateur enthusiast, but wasn’t prepared to stick my neck out!

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