As well as the rare and unusual, this blog aims to celebrate the common and seemingly mundane happenings in the natural world around Newstead.

For this reason even the humble Seagull, or more precisely the Australian Silver Gull Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae, makes an occasional appearance. I reckon this species is under-rated and even sometimes treated with disdain. Watching a small flock feeding on the Cairn Curran ‘mill pond’ earlier in the week reminded me that they are eminently watchable.


Silver Gull, Cairn Curran, 13th April 2015.












4 responses to “Under-rated

  1. I have to agree, while not the most attractive of birds you have to give them respect, they have thrived by adapting and overcoming adversity.


  2. Anne van Gemert

    What a beautiful series of photos.
    Just like ballet dancers in the air.
    Thank you Geoff

  3. If you like these, what do you think about the aptly named common Indian myna?
    I got into trouble for promoting the myna bird death chamber they’ve got down at Darebin Parklands. I was surprised when so many people stood up for them.

    • Hi Julia – p[personally I’m not a fan of Indian Mynahs and have no trouble despatching them when I can.
      Each to their own I guess.
      Cheers, geoff

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