Swifties in the Mia Mia

Swift Parrots are back in the box-ironbark.

There have been a number of local sightings over the past week or two, but I spotted my first for the season late this afternoon along Mia Mia Track. A flock of about a dozen in flight – a couple stopped briefly in a Grey Box before moving on.


Swift Parrot, Mia Mia Track, 15th April 2015.

This photograph is for evidence rather than any artistic merit!

5 responses to “Swifties in the Mia Mia

  1. Hi Geoff, small flock (6) of swifties in iron barks reserve Deep Lead.seen Monday 13/4/15

    • That’s great news Ross – hope they have enough blossom to stay around for the winter.
      All the best, geoff

  2. Hi Geoff, I’m fairly sure we saw a pair flying past very rapidly near Mia Mia track over the Easter weekend. We had a great few days looking around some of the places in your blog too.

    • Thanks Peter – it seems that there are a few in the neighbourhood at the moment, although with so little blossom available I doubt that they’ll hang around for long.
      Cheers, geoff

      • We noticed there was not much in the way of anything flowering while we were there, we did find 2 boxes of some variety next to the bigger dam at Red White and Blue picnic area that we watched for a while but they didn’t really attract the activity you’d expect from the only flowering trees in sight, just a couple of honeyeaters.

        Thanks for the blog too, it helped us find some good spots. We especially enjoyed Mia Mia (couldn’t find your water point though, it seems our map shows Mia Mia track differently to some others) and we had a great walk around Rise and Shine with the park notes early one morning too.

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