Go to the gully

I’ve had a number of recent questions on how to find Yellow-footed Antechinus in the box-ironbark. While this beautiful little dasyurid can be found in a variety of habitat types, in my experience it is generally associated with the more fertile and moist drainage lines and gullies. This is where the habitat tends to be structurally complex, where fallen wood and leaf litter is most abundant, and often where there are more ground level hollows to shelter and hide in.


Peek-a-boo … Yellow-footed Antechinus sunning itself from the safety of a stump-hollow, Mia Mia Track, 12th April 2015.

It’s the same story with birds, the greatest variety and abundance can generally be found where resources – food, shelter and nesting sites – are concentrated. So, if you are hoping to improve your chances of seeing things in the box-ironbark, it pays to head to the gully!


Restless Flycatchers are drainage-line specialists throughout the box-ironbark country.


This one decided to show off its impressive crest.


Buff-rumped Thornbills often move between dry ridgelines and gullies depending on food availability.


‘Buff-rumps’ are beautifully marked – not obvious unless you get a close-up view.

4 responses to “Go to the gully

  1. Lovely to be back in Yandoit and know the Anticinus is nesting in my house!

  2. Gillian.Trahair

    Dear Geoff,I look forward to opening my email every day to see which photo you have put in. Thankyou so very much for being so incredibly generous. I LOVE seeing your wonderful photos. Cheers Gill

  3. lynette amaterstein

    Love the colours captured of the restless fly catcher. Thank you Geoff for these great photos.

  4. Found three today NTh & Sth of Newstead. Two in gullies and one on a fence line between paddock and forest. Excellent creatures. Thanks for the heads up Geoff.

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