In the dry, dry bush

I’m really hoping for some rain this week. A visit to the Mia Mia – Spring Hill block yesterday morning failed to turn up any of the anticipated autumn orchids, such as Parsons Bands or Autumn Greenhood. Bird numbers seem steady with lots of honeyeaters, pardalotes and a robin or two. A couple of dry country favourites are pictured below.


Varied Sitella, Mia Mia/Spring Hill, 12th April 2015.


White-winged Chough on sentry duty.







5 responses to “In the dry, dry bush

  1. Thanks for those magnificent photos of the Choughs, Geoff. We’re just outside Maldon and keeping the bird baths full. Birds are visiting that we haven’t seen before, e.g. willie wagtail. While it’s nice to watch them all in the baths, it would be wonderful to see some rain.

    • Asking for rain for Australia, and for California!

      • Good luck with that wish Fabio. We expect summer/autumn to be very dry here and while not in official drought as yet a downpour would be very welcome.
        Cheers, geoff

      • Good luck there as well, Geoff! Our situation is getting worse every day.
        Cheers and keep up your excellent posts! (Lisa – FifteenAcres gave me the address of your blog)

    • Thanks Helen – I’m sure the local birds are very grateful for your bird baths!
      Cheers, geoff

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