Waterhole update

Here is Saturday’s selection from the Mia Mia waterhole – another great line-up!


Brown Treecreeper, Mia Mia Track, 11th April 2015.


Grey Fantail.


Grey Shrike-thrush.


Yellow-footed Antechinus.


Yellow-faced Honeyeaters drinking.


Yellow-faced Honeyeater.


Yellow-tufted Honeyeater.

5 responses to “Waterhole update

  1. Great to see an antechinus. What’s your best advice to find these little tackers?

    • Hi Andrew – they tend to be more common in gullies with lots of stumps, fallen wood and a few large trees. The trick is to sit quietly and watch. In the Mia Mia I’ve seen up to six individuals on the go at the one time, even in the middle of the day. This is the season when they are most active.
      Cheers, geoff

  2. A great parade!!!

  3. Hi Geoff, great advice. Fascinating that you’ve seen them so active on the day. Would most of your sightings have been at dusk? Srems quite a contrast to quolls and devils

    • Hi Andrew – this species is typically active during the daylight hours – quite different to other dasyurids.
      All the best, geoff

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