Enjoying the ‘air show’

As mentioned in a post earlier this week some of our local raptors have already commenced their pre-nuptials. While autumn may seem a little early, Black-shouldered Kites in particular are often sitting on eggs by mid winter.

Courtship often begins during autumn as the birds perform complex aerial manoeuvres to reinforce the pair bond. Watch out for some acrobatics in the skies over the next few weeks.


Female Black-shouldered Kite just prior to take-off, Moolort Plains, 6th April 2015.


The male taking off in pursuit of the female.


The male with its landing gear lowered.


Brief and gentle contact was made with regular calling, mainly by the female.


Black-shouldered Kites are wonderful aerial performers.

One response to “Enjoying the ‘air show’

  1. Great job! Your observations are always very rich. Thank you!

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