Ori Ori Ole!

Olive-backed Orioles are spring breeding migrants to the box-ironbark country. Their lyrical calls … ‘orry orry orriole’ are superficially similar (at least to my ear) to the notes of the Peaceful Dove. Orioles depart to head north in the autumn, although a few birds apparently enjoy the area so much that they stay over for a ‘winter holiday’. They tend to be quiet outside the breeding season so can be easily overlooked. I came across a small party over the weekend in the Mia Mia, half a dozen including some adults and immatures, foraging for insects amongst the eucalypt foliage. The group was moving slowly in a northerly direction.


Olive-backed Oriole (adult), Mia Mia Track, 4th April 2015.


Successfully snagging a caterpillar.


I was lucky to capture this action shot.


Immature Olive-backed Orioles have dusky brown bills, a dull brown iris and tend to be more heavily streaked underneath.


Quietly feeding amongst the foliage.


Note the red iris and pinkish bill of the adults.

One response to “Ori Ori Ole!

  1. hi Geoffloving those piks!I have a pile of kids drawings and a usb for you.. perhaps i could meet you at the train station when you are heading home some day to hand them over!also we saw an albino magpie and wondered if you know of them..there are a family of them… on the rd between ararat and avoca near the beauford turn off.  have seen them there before and locals know them… can give better location if your keen for a scout!!all the best Trace Balla please send all email to traceballa@yahoo.com

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