Insect eaters

There are lots of insectivores at work in the bush at the moment – they come in all shapes and sizes. This flock of Varied Sitellas was spotted west of Mia Mia Track yesterday morning. The group of about six contained a number of immatures – evidence of a successful breeding season.


Varied Sitella (immature), Mia Mia Track, 5th April 2015.


A flash of orange in the wing – the local race is also known as the Orange-winged Sitella.


Immature sitellas have grey heads and lack obvious streaks on the throat.


The slightly upturned, chisel-like bill is perfect for extracting insects from under bark.

As the sitellas foraged up above a Short-beaked Echidna wandered slowly by. Echidnas become inactive in the autumn, with short bursts of torpor lasting a few days, before they emerge to seek mates in the late winter.


Short-beaked Echidna on the move.

One response to “Insect eaters

  1. Geoff, great shots, as always! Thanks also for the scientific explanations! Have a good week!

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