What season is it?

This party of White-winged Choughs paid a visit to the waterhole on Mia Mia Track a few days back. The noisy group jostled as they took a drink but what followed was quite a surprise.


White-winged Choughs drinking, Mia Mia Track, 3rd April 2015.


Immature White-winged Chough – note the dull red iris and sooty plumage.


Adult White-winged Chough.

About half the flock of more than a dozen birds flew up into a nearby Grey Box, landing near an apparently old chough’s nests. One of the adults proceeded to hop onto the rim of the nest, then settled inside. It stayed like this for a few minutes, becoming quite excited and extended its wings over the sides of the mud structure, while calling loudly to its nearby companions. I’ve never before witnessed this behaviour outside the breeding season.


One of the adults decided to settle into the nest.


It then became quite vocal and aggressive towards the rest of the clan.

2 responses to “What season is it?

  1. excellent photos of choughs Geoff and interesting behaviour indeed. We have an almost resident flock at our block in Muckleford and they cram into the water baths so tightly packed together that I have coined the collective noun a ‘clot’ of choughs.. what do you think?

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