Hylacola – fleeting views

The Chestnut-rumped Hylacola is an uncommon and cryptic box-ironbark species. Their relative scarcity and secretive habits mean that any sightings are noteworthy. In the Muckleford bush they are patchily distributed, occurring mainly in small areas of Heathy Dry Forest, especially on ridges and outcrops. I encountered one yesterday in typical habitat, just west of Mia Mia Track. It divided its time between the undergrowth and low perches as I managed to snag some shots.


Chetsnut-rumped Hylacola, Mia Mia Track, 3rd April 2015.


White-eyebrow and rufous under-tail feathers.


An unusual pose – showing off the chestnut rump.

10 responses to “Hylacola – fleeting views

  1. Great shots! Thank you!

  2. Hi Geoff, I am always astounded by the quality and variety of your bird photos. Great work mate! The C.R Hylacola is a very cryptic bird so I’m amazed you got some fantastic shots. This is a species I’ve been chasing for a while with my camera along the coastal scrub in Gippsland but with no luck, even though I’ve spotted a few fleeting glimpses of some.
    What sort of camera and lenses do you use?
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    • Many thanks Craig – patience and a lifetime of birdwatching are the key I guess. I’m currently using a Canon 7D MkII and 400 L5.6 lens for birds. I use a monopod wherever practical as the old canon prime lacks image stabilisation. It’s a wonderful lens if you can get a decent shutter speed, and fantastic for birds in flight. I’ve got some other notes on gear etc here https://geoffpark.wordpress.com/events-etc/equipment/
      All the best, geoff

  3. Well done again on this one Geoff!

  4. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for these photos,great to get confirmation of this species in the iron barks. We live at Deep Lead near Stawell and have seen them in the iron barks very infrequently .
    Really enjoying the posts
    Ross Hatton

    • Many thanks Ross. Your part of the world is great for birds. I spent quite some time over there in the early 1980s banding birds (near Illawarra). My memory is pretty hazy but I don’t recall getting any heathwrens.
      All the best, geoff

  5. Hi Geoff, you’ve inspired to want to take photos of the bird and reptile life on my farm near Harcourt! I’m wondering what camera you use?

    Thanks for your absolutely amazing blog.

  6. Oops, sorry, I see you’ve already answered my question!

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