Ringside seat

With honeyeaters, bouts of aggression are ‘par for the course’ – within species and between individuals of the same species. This amazing group of predominantly Australian birds are renowned for their ability to compete for resources of nectar, pollen and insects. When water is scarce they are quite happy to tussle in public too.


Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters at the Mia Mia waterhole, 25th March 2015.


Fuscous and Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters mixing it.


White-naped Honeyeater giving way to a Fuscous Honeyeater.


Two White-naped Honeyeaters working out who is boss – the apparent aggression being displayed by the bird at right is actually a submissive pose.


The striking orange of the gape and eye-lid are a feature of this beautiful small honeyeater.

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