Lucky shot

I thought I’d seen my last White-throated Needletails for the season … not so.

On Saturday evening a small flock, perhaps half a dozen birds, were cruising over Mia Mia Track. I even managed to snag a fluke shot of one individual about to capture an insect. A first for me with this enigmatic migrant.


White-throated Needletail, Mia Mia Track, 28th March 2015.


A nice flight shot.


This shot was a complete fluke.

6 responses to “Lucky shot

  1. Saide of Sandon

    Agreed , Erica. Aren’t they marvellous birds? We saw four high over Mt Sandon (our south hill) on Sunday morning. So high I could not see them until Chris Timewell pointed them out to us. Chris was telling us that these White-throated Needletails stay on the wing forever and rarely if ever land on earth or tree! Such energy!

  2. You’ll be going to better that last shot Geoff!

  3. Amazing shots, Geoff!! Rosemary saw a few White-throated Needletails last week when taking one of her short walks down our road and along Dudley St. By the time I joined her, one was heading off to the SW – then no more! Where is the Mia-Mia track? Cheers Peter

    Rosemary and Peter Turner 4 Munro Court Castlemaine 3450 03 5470 6891 0439 369 709

    • Hi Peter

      Mia Mia Track runs off Mia Mia Road, which heads north from the Pyrenees Hwy just east of Newstead. Go about 2 km along this road and look out for a sign to Mia Mia Track on the left.
      Cheers, geoff

  4. Half luck and half skill I’d say.
    Great catch! (For you and the bird)

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