With like-minded folks

Over the past couple of weekends Chris Tzaros and I have conducted our autumn series of bird photography workshops. In total, thirty enthusiastic photographers from across Victoria visited Newstead to participate – it’s been great to meet all these like-minded folks and to share ideas and tips. It’s been fascinating again to see the range of capabilities, experience and gear that people have brought to each workshop. Chris and I have certainly learnt some new things as well which has been terrific.


Australian Owlet-nightjar by Gary Oliver.


Chris Tzaros explaining the depth-of-field – aided by a pair of cooperative, early arriving Swift Parrots!


Focused on the task at hand!

One of the participants, Ian Smissen, has written a nice critique of the workshop at his terrific blog, A Passion for Birds. Its well worth a visit!

Our next workshops will be in Spring 2015. Please contact me geoff.park@naturaldecisions.com.au if you’d like to reserve a spot.

2 responses to “With like-minded folks

  1. They’re not Swift Parrots, they’re Norwegian Blues.

  2. Thank you Geoff and Chris, it was a great learning experience with excellent company!

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