A conference of honeyeaters

A short, sharp shower last week in the Mia Mia has left a few small puddles for the birds. These watering points are a wonderful attractor for honeyeaters. Here is a selection of shots, taken from the car and featuring four different species: Yellow-tufted, Fuscous, White-naped and Brown-headed Honeyeaters.


Brown-headed Honeyeater, Mia Mia Track, 19th March 2015.


Fuscous (at left) and Brown-headed Honeyeaters.


Fuscous Honeyeater unhappy with a juvenile Brown-headed Honeyeater (note the pale blue skin over the eye).


A party of Fuscous Honeyeaters.


Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters drinking.


Fuscous Honeyeaters and a lone White-naped Honeyeater.

6 responses to “A conference of honeyeaters

  1. Just beautiful!
    I am installing a long over due bird bath in Yandoit this week
    Cheers Andy

  2. are the honeyeaters drinking from the same water patch ?

  3. Beaut shots, I’m so homesick now!

  4. lynette amaterstein

    What a beautiful lot they are . Had some yellow faced honeyeaters in the garden over the weekend. I love their happy call.

  5. Saide of Sandon

    Water seems to bring out the best in birds and people! We have put some bird baths in our garden, multiples to try and reduce the resource competition and spread the good water around. Mostly upwards of a dozen will fly in to drink and bathe, all favouring one or other of the bird-baths and all at the same time. Over this past week, I have seen fuscous honeyeaters, white-naped honeyeaters, white-plumed honeyeaters, new holland honeyeaters, yellow-tufted honeyeaters, white-browed babblers, plus a crested shrike-tit this morning. There are multiple generations, some very tiny, but fledged young white-naped honeyeaters, and they now seem to drink or bathe happily even if the red wattle bird or a crimson rosella calls in to share a drink. A joy to wake up to!

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