Bathing Bee-eaters

There is always something new to observe in the bush if you are patient and have fortune on your side.

Rainbow Bee-eaters have been recorded bathing, even occasionally drinking at waterholes – it’s just that I’d never had the privilege of seeing this behaviour first hand. That is until Monday of this week when a small party treated me to a wonderful display at a small dam along Mia Mia Track. Half a dozen birds perched briefly beside the dam, taking turns to dunk into the water on what was a warm afternoon.


Rainbow Bee-eaters gathering to bathe, Mia Mia Track, 16th March 2015.


A Peaceful Dove in the background awaits its turn.


Definitely a photographic challenge!

Arriving home I managed to snap this nice portrait of a female Galah, perched in the ironbark above one of the garden bird baths. Moments later it descended to take a leisurely sip.


Galah above the bird bath in Wyndham Street.

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