Mysterious, Mosquito-munching Micro-bats!

Dr Lindy Lumsden, a wildlife ecologist at Arthur Rylah Institute is passionate about bats, and is coming to Newstead on Saturday 28th MARCH to tell us all about our local species. This will be Newstead Landcare’s first presentation for the year, held at Newstead Community Centre at 3pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, and a gold coin donation would be appreciated to help cover costs. Lindy says bats play an important role in controlling insect numbers, including a range of pest species, by eating up to half their body weight in insects in a night. However, due to their small size, nocturnal behaviour and cryptic roosting habits, these valuable animals are rarely seen and are often portrayed negatively in the media. As most people do not have the opportunity to see bats close up, Lindy brings along a live bat to show at the end of her talk.

A Little Forest Bat showing how small some of these bats are!

A Little Forest Bat showing how small some of these bats are!

After the talk Lindy will take a group of 30 lucky people to Green Gully to demonstrate how she goes about discovering what bats are in an area. She will be setting up bat traps and using a bat detector and then we will have a picnic meal (bring your own picnic) while waiting for dusk when the bats start getting active. It’s free for Newstead landcare members, otherwise $15 a head, children free. There are still a few places available. To book in contact Frances Cincotta phone 5476 2691 or email

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