Swallows at the end of summer

It’s the end of summer and Welcome Swallows are gathering in moderate-sized flocks across the plains. These birds were enjoying a feast of insects attracted to a freshly cut Lucerne paddock near Picnic Point.


Welcome Swallow (adult), Moolort Plains, 2nd March 2015.


Juvenile Welcome Swallows


This one appears to be a moulting adult.


More than one swallow makes the summer!

One response to “Swallows at the end of summer

  1. Oh wow! I get excited when I see two of these birds. Look how many there are on that fence! Lovely to see the juveniles. The two I see initially try to nest on our deck (two years in a row) but then get spooked because we walk on it and end up nesting elsewhere. I’m not sure where they end up so I don’t get to see the juveniles.

    Beautiful photographs.

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