Weebill portraits

Weebills are a feature of our garden year round.

These tiny insectivores are related to the thornbills – both are in the family Acanthizidae, but the Weebill is of a different genus, Smicrornis, rather than Acanthiza to which the various thornbills belong.


Weebill, Wyndham St Newstead, 1st March 2015.

Weebills could easily be described as nondescript, that is until you hear their powerful call … for such a small bird they have a mighty voice.


The underparts are a pale lemon.

Their short bill is ideally for prising small insects off the surface of leaves or from fissures in the bark of eucalypts and wattles. In the garden their preferences are more diverse – I often spy them searching for insects in our Black Mulberry, or amongst the Buddleias.


A Weebill on the hunt for insects.


Note the cream iris and pale eyebrow. There are very faint streaks on the upper breast, otherwise Weebills lack the bold streaks or spots of their thornbill ‘cousins’.

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  1. great to have my early morning lesson!

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