Rainbowbird gatherings

At this time of year small groups of Rainbow Bee-eaters gather in the forest to fuel up in readiness for their northerly migration. Each autumn this coincides with the flowering of Grey Box which attracts a diversity of flying insects, including bees, on which the Rainbowbirds can feed.

Many of the birds are juveniles, like the one pictured below – their plumage is more sombre than the adults at this stage. Some of these will return next spring as breeding adults.


Juvenile rainbow Bee-eater, Mia Mia Track, 25th February 2015.

I came across a flock earlier this week along Mia Mia Track, about a dozen birds in total, feeding in the air above the canopy, occasionally swooping down low to catch an unwary insect.








Moments before alighting at the perch.

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