In a peaceful setting

Exciting news … Darryl O’Bryan has spotted a Grey Butcherbird on her and Phonse’s property that overlooks the Loddon floodplain, on the outskirts of town. Over the past few days I’ve tried to track it down, without success, but the photographic evidence is indisputable.


Grey Butcherbird with prey, Newstead, February 2015. Photograph by Darryl O’Bryan.

The bird, most likely an immature, was observed to take a female Superb Fairy-wren from the ground up into a Murray Pine near the house. It started to eat it, then pushed it up into a fork of the tree – typical butcherbird behaviour.

While I failed in my quest for the butcherbird there was plenty of other bird life on offer in this tranquil spot – a pair of Peaceful Doves in search of a drink the highlight of a hot evening.


Peaceful Dove, Newstead, 21st February 2015.


A most handsome small dove.


I like that pale blue around the gape and face.


Red-browed Firetails were in good numbers too.

I’ll hopefully get a gander of the butcherbird soon! Thanks Darryl for a terrific observation.

2 responses to “In a peaceful setting

  1. Loving your pics. Been camping at Welshman’s Reef for thirty years and am so surprised that there is such a variety of birds . Getting back there soon

  2. Hi Geoff – I’ve been seeing what I think are Grey Currawongs at Green Gully – not far from Daryl and Phonse so I will look harder at the next ones I see! Chris

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