Look what’s turned up!

In recent months there have been reports of a big hairy beast along the Loddon. We now have some photographic evidence to confirm the various sightings … and hearings!


Koala, Loddon River @ Newstead, 20th February 2015. Photograph by Emmi Scherlies.

Koalas are best described as uncommon, rather than rare, in the box-ironbark country – where they will feed on the leaves of River Red Gum, Yellow Box, Yellow Gum, Red Stringybark and Long-leaf Box. The young disperse at about 12 months of age and it’s at this time they are likely to be encountered along roadsides and along watercourses. When it’s hot and dry they will often come down to water to drink. This one was spotted in a River Red Gum on the east bank of the Loddon, possibly the same individual heard bellowing from time to time recently around the Newstead Butter Factory.

Many thanks to Emmi and family for this observation.

2 responses to “Look what’s turned up!

  1. That is awesome!!!

  2. Lovely to hear that they are still around!

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