Tag Team

After I close up my greenhouses for the night, the sun sets and I prepare for bed after a long day in the nursery, this other female starts getting ready for business at 4 Palmerston Street Newstead. Here she is rebuilding her web on my verandah.

Orb Weaver in action 10pm 10 Feb 2015

Orb Weaver in action (ventral or underside view) 10pm 10 Feb 2015

If you look closely you can see the silk coming out of her spinnerets on the underside of her abdomen. By the time I’ve had my porridge and am out the door ready to start work in the nursery she is nowhere to be seen and only a few supporting lines of the web remain. We are a good tag team!

Looking up the “Spiders of Bendigo” (by my old neighbour from Spring Gully days Dr Jenny Shield) I think I’m observing Eriophora biapicata (Two-tipped Orb-weaver), but please correct me if I am wrong.

4 responses to “Tag Team

  1. Lovely way to share with natural environment Franki!

  2. Maryanne Anderson

    Thank you for this beautiful photo of your very considerate orb weaver, Frances! I have developed a great love of these wonderful creatures and never tire of their ingenuity! Where would we be without them?Regards Maryanne

  3. Yes, Eriophora biapicata is my best guess. Great photo. You can see some details of her epigyne.

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