One of the best!

Correct – it’s a White-winged Chough nest, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Remarkably it’s in perfect condition, despite falling from its support, a eucalypt bough in the canopy. Choughs return to old nests, adding extra rims of mud over time – this one appears to have been refurbished at least twice. The inside of the nest has been lined with grass and finely shredded bark, to produce a cosy bowl for a new family. The fresh appearance suggests its fell before the eggs were laid, or at least early in the incubation phase.


White-winged Chough nest from Campbelltown, photographed 5th February 2015.


The deep bowl was beautifully lined with strands of native grass and shredded eucalypt bark.


The shape of the eucalypt bough is preserved in the base of the nest.


Expertly built with mud, stone and fibre – tried and true technique over millennia.

The nest, found by Elliott Pearson of Campbelltown, was thoughtfully donated to the Newstead Primary School in 2014.

5 responses to “One of the best!

  1. Genevieve Barlow

    Exquisite natural intelligence.

  2. They are fascinating. We have a large eucalypt on our bush property at Stuart Mill with a few mud nests on it and I managed to take photos of one of the parents feeding their young. Have to say the chicks are not the most attractive things!

  3. oh I love that nest so much!!!thanks for keeping on sending such awesome piks!! busy on my book.. (these are from my summer beach holiday..cheersTrace Balla

  4. Beautiful nest, quite like a piece of Raku pottery. What a highly developed sense of symmetry and what skill in applying the mud.

  5. Brilliant potters those crazy choughs! They hang around my carport all the time and play in old bits of clay that I store there; one day I’m sure I’ll spot a local nest with some white clay in it! Chris

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