Pelicans and a heron

A couple of unrelated, but noteworthy observations from earlier in the week.

Firstly a juvenile Australian Pelican, observed with an adult bird, along the Joyce’s Creek arm at Cairn Curran. I can’t recall seeing too many young pelicans previously – the brown, rather than black areas of plumage are very obvious in the images below.


Australian Pelicans, Joyce’s Creek, 2nd February 2015.


Juvenile Australian Pelican.

I disturbed this Pacific Heron from a small dam out on the plains. Yabbies become easy pickings at this time of year, as the water recedes and gets warmer in small farm dams. Like me, these beautiful birds are partial to the odd crustacean!


Pacific Heron, Moolort Plains, 2nd February 2015.


Feasting on a yabby!

One response to “Pelicans and a heron

  1. great shot of the pelican and yabbie!

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