On a sunny afternoon

Many thanks to Sharon and Allex over on Pound Lane for this observation.

This Owlet Nightjar has been a regular feature in the yard for some time now. It makes a habit of sunning itself from a hollow in a magnificent old Yellow Gum. I was fortunate to catch a glimpse over the weekend.


Owlet Nightjar, Pound Lane Newstead, 31st January 2015.


Owlet Nightjars in my experience, generally use much smaller hollows than this spacious apartment!


Sunbaking in the afternoon.

4 responses to “On a sunny afternoon

  1. lynette Amaterstein

    What a beautiful pictures Geoff.
    Thank you.

  2. It does not have a lot of feathers Is it a baby

    Mary-Anne Jess Sent from my iPad

    • It’s a bit hard to tell as the juveniles are the same size as the adults – the patches of rufous suggest a female or immature bird.
      Cheers, geoff

  3. My favorites for their little chuckle!

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