Aquiline gathering

Yesterday morning I received notice of a gathering near the Newstead Racecourse – a number of Wedge-tailed Eagles were gathering around the carcass of a dead sheep. Of course I quickly grabbed the camera and headed off in pursuit of some photographs. Three of the eagles were on the ground, with a Whistling Kite hanging at the perimeter.


Wedge-tailed Eagles near the Newstead Racecourse, 31st January 2015.

Within moments they were joined by three other ‘wedgies’ – making it six in total. A number of the birds were juveniles – the honey coloured neck shawl a sign of their immaturity.


Two individuals, including this youngster , were spotted perched in a nearby Yellow Gum.


A quick peek behind.

For a few minutes I was treated to the wonderful sight of the party swirling into the morning thermals above me. I went back twice during the course of the day, two birds were in attendance on the first return, with a single juvenile still there in mid-afternoon.

Many thanks to Colleen and Andrew for alerting me to this important ‘meeting’.

One response to “Aquiline gathering

  1. Lovely pictures of the plumage

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