Whiskered Terns #1

We are fortunate to have two tern species on a regular, perhaps even resident basis, on Cairn Curran. The large Caspian Tern has featured regularly over summer, with a small party of Whiskered Terns seen often, but usually too distant for decent shots.

The birds pictured below were members of a small flock of about fifteen birds, observed near the old Railway Bridge over Cairn Curran earlier this week. It was a brilliant calm evening and the birds were fishing in typical fashion, dipping low over the water to snatch prey, with the occasional bullet-like dive from a height. These small terns epitomise grace and beauty.


Whiskered Tern, Cairn Curran @ Joyce’s Creek, 21st January 2015.


Hovering before the plunge dive …


… success!


Adult Whiskered Tern in breeding garb.

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