Back at Babbler’s Rest

It’s been too long between visits to Babbler’s Rest, Suzie and David’s wonderful property between Newstead and Sandon.

As usual the garden was alive with birds – a White-browed Babbler family, Grey Shrike-thrush (with two nestlings), immature Crimson Rosellas and Striated Pardalotes still nesting relentlessly. I was captivated by this family of White-winged Choughs. They are usually difficult to approach in the bush but are more confiding in safe, familiar surroundings where they mix daily with their human guardians. This family group has a number of this season’s young, provoking a typically defensive reaction from the adults when I got too close for comfort.


Adult White-winged Chough in defensive display, Babbler’s Rest, 13th January 2015.






Juvenile White-winged Chough – note the brown iris and sooty down plumage.


One of the adults displaying its brilliant red iris.

One response to “Back at Babbler’s Rest

  1. You do not need to speak Chough to get the idea that the language is not polite!

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