Kestrels make the front page!

Our Moolort Plains Nankeen Kestrels have spread their wings and graduated to the front page of the latest edition of Land for Wildlife News.


I’m sure quite a few readers are also involved with the Land for Wildlife Program, either as proud owners of a LFW property, or as supporters in one form or another.

Land for Wildlife (Victoria) is a State government program supporting landholders or managers who provide habitat for native wildlife on their land. In operation since November 1981, there are now more than 5,900 Victorian Land for Wildlife properties involving over 14,800 dedicated people. They are making a significant contribution to native biodiversity conservation by managing over 560,000 hectares of their combined properties as wildlife habitat,

Land for Wildlife originated in Victoria and has been such a successful model that it has been replicated across Australia and overseas. It really is a marvellous program and deserves long-term Government and community support.

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