Not choughed

by Chris Johnston, Green Gully

Chough stranded

White-winged Chough stranded in pond, Green Gully, January 2015.

Looking out the window, I saw this White-winged Chough in really deep trouble. While the Crimson Rosellas have a great lark leaping in and out of my pond, bouncing off the leafy surface, this Chough was clearly out of his or her depth and was looking really miserable. The way to escape was at the other end of the pond, but the Chough was determinedly clinging on to a taro stem in the deep end. Wings heavy with water meant he/she couldn’t flap their way out, unlike those cheeky rosellas.

Uncertain how to achieve a rescue, I tried a branch as a life-line but the Chough floundered away, getting more water-logged. Finally I resorted to a tea towel tossed over the bird when it came close to the edge, and hauled it out. Very undignified, very wet, but alive.

3 responses to “Not choughed

  1. It is great that you were home to rescue the chough, Chris. The expression on its face is certainly most disapproving! The tea towel is such a useful item of animal rescue equipment.

  2. Hi Tanya – yes the Chough was lucky I spotted it. The other useful item for animal rescue at my place is the open door. Last night I had my first bat visitor for the summer and after a few turns around the house, it hung up in the living room. I wasn’t prepared to wait it out so overnight I had the bedroom and the bat had the house – and an open front door. Based on past experience it may like my house-cave so much that it is still there or it may have taken to the night skies. Time will tell. I usually have lesser long ears, but I think this one was another species – hard to i.d. a bat that is ripping around the house! Chris

  3. Well done on rescuing the chough, Chris. I love these birds. We have a group on our block and during the recent hot days they were all over our bird baths. There was a fluffy young bird in the middle of about six on a tiny bowl. They make me laugh with their antics.

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