Take a close look!

It pays to have a close look at photographs and more than once in recent times interesting observations, that were missed in the field, have been made at the computer. Such was the case with this flock of Caspian Terns, about a dozen in number, at Cairn Curran yesterday. I was engrossed with watching the birds in flight against a leaden sky and completely failed to spot the orange leg tag on the left leg of one individual.


Caspian Tern, Cairn Curran, 9th January 2015.


Caspian Terns against a darkening sky – a very welcome 25mm of rain fell overnight.


The orange leg-flag is just visible on the leading tern.

I’ve sent a note to the Victorian Wader Study Group to request information on the flagged bird – stay tuned for an update.


Part of the flock of about a dozen birds.

Postscript: Roger Standen from the Victorian Wader Study Group provided the following information.
This bird was banded at Mud Islands in Port Phillip Bay, probably sometime before 2011, unless the flag was engraved in which case it could have been before that. The bird would have been banded as a chick.

2 responses to “Take a close look!

  1. Heya Geoff,

    You get a reply yet? I found this PDF a few days ago…good listing of tags/countries…

    I am coming up your way mid next week for a few days (staying at Daylesford)….might bump into you around the traps…

    Matt >

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