At the old Red Gum

The sound of Sacred Kingfishers is reverberating along the Loddon River at the moment, with a number of pairs busily feeding nestlings on the cusp of fledging. This sequence, captured in gloomy light at 7pm last evening, is an update on the pair nesting in the veteran River Red Gum featured back before Xmas.


Sacred Kingfisher at nest hollow, Loddon river @ Newstead, 9th January 2015.





2 responses to “At the old Red Gum

  1. I was wondering if you would like to add another educational tool to your wonderful Newstead site. A reference call of the birds you photograph so professionally would add to my learning. I hear familiar sounds in the bush but often cannot put them to a bird. This would be a wonderful way for ‘me’ and other less knowledgeable watchers of your site to increase their bird ID skills.
    Happy New Year

    • Hi Elizabeth – thanks for the suggestion. I’m afraid to do a good job of this would be significantly more complex which is why I haven’t pursued it.
      There are some excellent phone/tablet apps available that you might like to investigate. The one from the Museum of Victoria is free and has lots of bird calls available, as well as frog and insect calls as well. I use an app from Michael Morcombe which is also good. I’ll write a post on this topic soon.
      Cheers, geoff

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