The big breakfast please!

The young Sacred Kingfishers at the Loddon are dining very well, with the parents providing a dazzling array of snacks for breakfast this morning.


Sacred Kingfisher with skink, Loddon River @ Newstead, 5th January 2015.


This time it’s a huntsman spider.


… and then a phasmid!

3 responses to “The big breakfast please!

  1. Geoff, these are spectacular photographs. The colours are vibrant. I also liked the one of the white backed swallow. You used the word ‘dazzling’ to describe the array of breakfast for the kingfisher young ones but it can be used to describe your photography too.

  2. Geoff, I really enjoy your beautiful photos of the wonderful array of birds we are lucky enough share our land and lives with. I have been to countries where there are almost no birds left in the countryside. I am currently enjoying the sight of rainbow lorikeets outside my window, unfortunately in my apricot tree, but still we are privileged to enjoy such encounters in our urban areas.

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