Kingfishers at the nest

Watching Sacred Kingfishers at this time of year is value for money. As the nestlings mature, the adults bring food to the nest on a regular basis – visits are rarely more than five minutes apart during the morning feeding period. Typically the parents announce their arrival with a series of harsh, scolding calls from a nearby perch, eliciting a begging response from the youngsters. Often the adults will make a series of visits with the same prey item. If it’s large this enables the nestlings to tear off portions … I reckon it gets pretty willing at times inside the nest!


Sacred Kingfisher with prey (large arthropod), Loddon River @ Newstead, 31st December 2014.


This visit was aborted with the bird returning to the perch.


Arriving for another attempt.


This time it successfully transferred the food to the nestlings.


Gripping the bank with its wings, while perched at the tunnel entrance, is a common strategy.

2 responses to “Kingfishers at the nest

  1. Can barely wait for something to emerge. How long from hatch to fledge?

  2. Hi Geoff

    We are newcomers to Natural Newstead. We are really enjoying your photos. We learnt about Natural Newstead when we went to the ANGAIR end-of-year breakup, meeting Peter (don’t know his surname) who said he went to school with you.


    Cheryl Taylor and Ron Wescott

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