The impatient birdwatcher

While advocating patience and care in approaching wild birds I don’t always set the best example. The thrill of seeing a rare or unusual species, should ideally be balanced with a slow, cautious approach for better views, or a photograph. Such was the case when I spotted these two Greenshanks Tringa nebularia at Cairn Curran earlier in the week. This species is notoriously nervous and while the Sharp-tailed Sandpipers allowed a close approach, the Greenshanks would have none of it. I managed to get one distant photograph of them before they departed – one of the birds is more strikingly marked, perhaps with the vestiges of breeding plumage.


Greenshanks, Cairn Curran Reservoir, 30th December 2014.

There was a nice assortment of other less flighty birds around to observe and photograph.


Contrasting plumage and eye colour amongst these Silver Gulls.


Caspian Tern alighting on the mud flats.


A trio of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers – actually a quartet but one is out of frame.

2 responses to “The impatient birdwatcher

  1. lynette amaterstein

    Thanks Geoff, great pics . Happy New Year.
    Lynette & Harley

  2. I think there’s a lot of skill in sneaking up on a wary bird. I love your photos. I rarely seem to be ready to take photos when there’s an avian drama going on.

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