Bonus points

My target was the pair of Sacred Kingfishers – trying to capture that elusive shot of the adults arriving and departing the nest tunnel. I got a nice bonus when a  pair of White-backed Swallows left their own nest tunnel nearby and started circling above in the cool morning air.


White-backed Swallow nest, Loddon River @ Newstead, 31st December 2014.

These delightful and distinctive little swallows are easily overlooked amongst swirling flocks of martins and Welcome Swallows – look out for the combination of forked tail and extensive areas of white on the back, head and throat.


White-backed Swallow over the Loddon.


An acrobatic pair.


Note the forked tail, white throat and head – the white upper parts aren’t visible in these shots.

White-backed Swallows often nest in colonies and in past years there have been a number of pairs nesting at this site. Alas, this year numbers seem to be down. The birds seem to leave the nest at about 8am each morning, returning at irregular intervals during the day, before settling back in just before dusk. I’ve yet to see them making repeated feeding visits but will keep an eye out over coming days.

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