This morning on the plains


Galah pair on the Moolort Plains, 28th December 2014.


Nankeen Kestrel (male) in level flight.


Immature Black-shouldered Kite in Grey Box remnant.


Black-shouldered Kite after successful hunting foray.


The same individual moments later.

3 responses to “This morning on the plains

  1. The galah photo brings to mind a description of galahs coming down to a waterhole to drink at sunset that I read in a book some time ago. I seem to recall it was in the preface/introduction. It was such an evocative description and I would love to be able to recall what book it was. I think I have checked DHLawrence ‘Kangaroo’ and that wasn’t it. Do you, Geoff, or anyone else, have any suggestions?
    Thanks for the photos, Clodagh

  2. Thanks Geoff. All the best for the new year to you and yours too. If the birding is as good as it’s been, then it will be great. If I ever find that book again I’ll let you know. The vision of the galahs it evoked is never far from memory.
    All the best, Clodagh

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