Dining out on March flies in December

The Rainbow Bee-eaters are happily dining out on flies on which to feed their growing family. The dry conditions have meant a shortage of dragonflies – large ‘March’ flies make a handy alternative.


Rainbow Bee-eater with March fly, Newstead Cemetery, 27th December 2014.


Deft handling required!


Male Rainbow Bee-eater with female in the background following successful foraging forays.


The male has lost almost all of its tail wires – presumably from frequent visits inside the nest tunnel.

2 responses to “Dining out on March flies in December

  1. So glad that somebody eats the march flies – their bites are so annoying. I find they’re attracted to sweat…and anything navy blue. Gorgeous photos as usual

  2. hello! a lovely lady named maryanne put me onto your blog. it is amazing! i have an 8 year old son (Mitchell) who has decided to do a “big twitch” this year. he would love very, very much to see a rainbow bee-eater. as would I !!!! can you possibly tell us a spot that we can fairly reliably see one? we are about 2 hours from newstead, but will happily drive there in the hope of seeing some birds (he is sitting here asking if me we can drive there now!) we are loving looking at your photos. particularly the bee-eaters and the kingfishers.

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