Special places

The area around Newstead has some special places – I’ve enjoyed wandering around again during 2014.


Looking east towards Newstead across the Moolort Plains, 19th December 2014.


Looking north-east across Cairn Curran from near Captain’s Creek, 19th December 2014.


The view upstream from the delta – where the Loddon River enters Cairn Curran, 1st December 2014.


Here’s what you see when you stop and look, Long-necked Tortoise on the Loddon River, 1st December 2014.

4 responses to “Special places

  1. I agree,it is a very special area indeed.
    Thanks Geoff for another very interesting year of Natural Newstead.

  2. Thanks from me for all the wonderful photos of home that keep me in touch and sane! Looking forward to more great stuff in 2015! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for all the wonderful photos this year, we do enjoy Natural Newstead.

  4. Happy Christmas Geoff.

    Cheers Mike Williams

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